Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Beauty of the Season

Ahhhh, the scents of the season! The smell of burning leaves wafted throughtout the neighborhood yesterday, leaving me feeling content, happy and satisfied before retiring. Today, my 47th birthday, more of the same. I didn't put my order in soon enough for an overcast, rainy day, so I "changed my mind" and decided to openly embrace a sunny, blue-sky day. Looking through the half moon window at the top of my front door, it was unusually blue and beautiful with the orange-ish yellow not-yet-fallen leaves using it as a background. Orange chicken won't be a meal to enjoy on this day, as I didn't have a vehicle to get the ingredients. Same for Lemon Torte. Tried yesterday to use a van that refuses to keep a charge, got left stranded and making sure my Jumper Cable Skills weren't getting rusty!
This is a tough year for many.  I have been blessed more than some people see in their lifetime! The only problem I face is that I have to come up with NEW DREAMS...hmmm....sounds like a super-great title for another day!

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