Friday, January 20, 2012

The Winds of Change.....

Things seem to be going better ever since my husband left for about a week. He came back with a renewed sense of appreciation for the boys and me. I knew in my heart, even during the roughest moments, that underneath my fear and devestation was a faith that with so many people of God praying for us, that sooner or later, something would change. I am hoping it lasts.

Thank you to all who prayed and continue to pray for us. I am infinitely grateful-some of you I don't even know, but I take seriously into consideration all suggestions and comments. I appreciate all of you who take time to share with me.

Now, the subject that has been occupying most of my time when I am not homeschooling, cleaning house and a million other responsibilities I have:

I have dreams of grandeur about our backporch this Spring. Note, I didn't say "summer". I can't wait! I have plans on refinishing a hutch and putting all sorts of nautical/beach pretties on it. It has been MOST fun purchasing things to put on it-seagul, fish, crab, mermaid, starfish, sandcastles, seashells, blue, agua, cream-oh! I can't wait! Trying different furniture layouts, using what I have in different new way. Gotta love Krylon!

I will be posting progress as I go. Just another do-it-yourselfer on the world wide blogs. Most of my inspiration comes from the web and the There are so many talented, inspiring, creative blogs out there, I am sure I haven't tapped into a billionth of them! I drool over the ones that have beach homes or anything to do with the ocean, beach, water, coast. If you know of any that I might enjoy, please pass them on!

I also have some tablescapes planned. Not so sure how to post on other sites, yet, even with detailed instructions generously supplied by the blogger. But I do know how to post here!

Well, enough for now. Might post some of the items I bought for the porch and various other aspects of this project soon-stay tuned! Nothing like "Before & After" photos to make one accountable-even if it's only to me and my blog!


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