Saturday, November 3, 2012

My Most Favorite Time of the Year!!

Well, fellow bloggers, I have been busy at my home with so many changes, there are too many to mention, except the important ones, that is!

My husband has found a new job and it has been an adjustment period and a half to say the least! But I have been purging our home of some unnecessary items and it feels so incredible! A few years back, we went down to Mississippi to help with Katrina and we stayed in a nice double-wide mobile home in a town called Columbia. We rented from Mr.Phillip, had only one vehicle, hardly any of the necessities you'd think you would need, and no television. Well, that all changed quickly. One long trip to Walmart and we were well on our way to having more than what we would be able to take back with us when it was time to go back home! But even though we had hardly anything, we were SO HAPPY! I still recall fondly all four of us huddled around that little portable dvd player watching the Little House on the Prarie series that we had gotten for Christmas, playing with Thomas the Train toys making a railway from the front of the trailer to the back, sitting for hours watching the train make it's way to and fro. We slept on an air mattress on the floor, but we brought a twin bed and a crib for the boys. We all aslo remember the HUGE tub in the master bathroom-it was big enough for ALL of us!!!! I also remember standing at the window above the kitchen sink and taking pictures of the sunrise until the boys woke up. I also remember running the air conditioner-and it was JANUARY!!!!!

The nearest large town was Hattiesburg and it took about 45 minutes to get there.There was only one scrapbookiing store that I could find, there might be more now, and I filled my days with play and easy homemaking. We were so happy and didn't have hardly any material belongings. Until we got home. Many years later, needing to make some sense of the accumulating material items from the 17 or so moves I have made in my lifetime, I hated that I knew I owned things, but couldn't find them. The GARAGE was first!

I am nowhere near done, but it's a start. My downstairs is now getting organized. Next are the boys' rooms. And in between it all, I have redone our bathroom. And I now share the results with you-this took all of two days to complete, but a few months of accumulating/making/choosing/purchasing etc. all of the items to be used. Went and got the paint, Dutch Boy Premium Semi-Gloss Paint in Cowpoke. AND, all of this was done for UNDER $150.00. Enjoy!







It started with these two pictures I found at Dollar General. They inspired the fabric shower curtains, which were sold as a set (shower curtain hangers included-they look like a paisley) and I bought two, wanting one on each side with a clear liner in between. I chose a clear liner to allow more light to show through when taking a shower. It also helps highlight the Paris skyline vinyl stickers above the shower stall and there's some above the entrance door. We are very pleased with the results!

                                                 PARIS SKYLINE VINYL STICKERS

                                                       MORE SKYLINE STICKERS

I can't believe I got this off of EBAY for under $10.00!!! The guy gave me a steal on shipping, too!
I sprayed it black and left the antiqued copper parts on it, those are just above the glass globes and on the knobs where the swirls meet the base.

I found a really huge gouge on the wall underneath the lightbar that was there. Here's a look-e-see:

Now keep in mind, this photo is deceiving. This gouge was about a foot long and had those wires hanging out. I stopped long ago trying to figure out why someone would leave something like this AND hide it. This house was remodeled by someone who likes to flip them as quickly as possible. There are many other instances of this type of work ethic.

I used to go to a Ladie's Bible Study and Pastor Jeaneen would make up these beautiful baskets to bless someone with by drawing a number. I won one time and the basket included many items including these candles and holder.

I had been longing a few weeks for this lotion and soap set at Menard's, knowing it would fit nicely with the new bathroom and the green soap color would compliment the green in the candles. My patience paid off as they went on sale!

Pretty Soaps with Scroll Metal Base Holder

                        I also added this shelf with various bottles with French inspired labels on them.

I had also been admiring (and touching) these memory foam bathmats. They feel absolutely wonderful underfoot! I am wary of them, though, now. You HAVE to make sure the floor is dry underneath. There is a tag on these warning about this and now I see why. A word of warning-these easily slip when wet actually scared me one day when stepping out of the shower.But they do dry fast and are quite nice on the feet!

Well, enough for today. I will post some pics of the basement I've since done. And the bathroom all decked out for I said, my most favorite time of the year!

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