Thursday, July 12, 2012

Back Porch Updates

Here are a few pics of my back porch.

I really love sitting back there and daydreaming or getting some things done. It's perfect for watching the boys and browsing the internet at the same time.

Yesterday, I placed the hooks for the wicker lamps. We had them on last night!

I am going to work on putting up the screening sometiime soon. I still want to put another coat of paint on the treated lumber. With the temperatures reacing over 100 last week, it probably still wouldn't be dry if I had painted! I bought a screen door for the back door, took out the screen, painted it white, added the hinges and handle, it fits perfectly. But I can't install it. Our German Shepherd has destroyed the frame/trim around the back door.

I couldn't hang my new beautiful freshly painted screen door on something like this. So now I have to go and get some trim. And a door frame piece to match. And some weatherstripping. And a dog chain. Maybe even a muzzle....

I got my pillows done.I would like some more for the seating area. Maybe a long one along the back of the white loveseat. Some big ones for the sofa. Then I have someone at the ready to hang the doors. That will help a lot with the dog problem. Does anyone else have this kind of problem with a destructive dog? Everyone's porches always look so CLEAN. Mine always has sandy dirt grit on the floor (even though we use dirt mats on it) and dust is always collecting on my "pretties" (what I call my decor items). Maybe I need some kind of curtains across the posts so I can close them sometimes. Maybe it's not helping that the neighbors are having major construction done on their house? Or possibly the fact that this area hasn't had any rain for weeks?

Well, one day my porch will be done. I will be able to put down my rugs without worry about a dog. Until then, I am going to keep going, doing what I can until I can afford to get done what I can't do. Maybe even learn the things to get it done-how hard can it be to hang a prehung door? Stay tuned!

I did finally get my landscaping along the front of the house done.

There are a few areas left to do that I have plans for. Those will be another post-some other time! But in the meantime, here is what I did get done!

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