Saturday, November 26, 2011

Wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!

With a lot of help from my Husband, his family and friends, I had a wonderful time setting up the tables for our two Thanksgiving celebrations! I will post pics as soon as they are downloaded from Mom-In-Law's camera. She has this really cool 14 point something mega pixel camera (which is 10 more plus mega pixels than the one I have!) and it takes really cool close ups of things. I was able to get amazing details of the table we did today. It was so pretty! Hope all of you had a wonderful holiday, too. I also found out just how much support the family is giving me with all of this church's teachings to my Husband.
It is strange how I can recall childhood memories of Thanksgiving-my Grandma had a huge table with a thousand leaves and extremely heavy. She would set out the tablecloth and pretty dishes and we would be relegated to the "Children's Table" HA! I resolved NOT to let ANY child sit at some card table set off to the side with the "safe" plates and plastic cups! NOOOOOO! My husband and I set up beautiful tables with stemware and napkins from Dollar Tree so the young ones can learn table manners and etiquette. I mean, how are they to know if someone doesn't teach them or give them the tools to learn and practice with? So they break one-it's back to the dollar store for a replacement!
Well, more some other time. It is getting later and I want to look over some of the other Tablescapes for ideas for next year!

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