Sunday, April 1, 2012

Welcome to my back porch!

I am done with my hutch! I love to sit on my porch and surf the web, create menu plans and a grocery list, browse for recipes to try this month, contemplate and daydream, pray.
We have been blessed today with NINE new adoptees-a neighbor brought over nine fish to move into our backyard pond! This couple is not setting up their pond this year so they offered their fish! They seem to be adjusting well to our water and our other fish-I think we have between 23-30 now! The boys are so excited!
Well, here is an updated photo of the hutch-

And here are some more pics of my porch-

Now, the blue "sofa" is what Icall it, is another gift from same people who gave us the fish. I refinished four  other pieces last year (the ones painted white). These were bright pink, yellow, orange and purple. The Sofa was in the front yard until now. All of this furniture was to be "burn pile fodder" and I am so grateful they offered it to us! Now I have seating for many people!

Of course, the cushions (I got those for $5.00 a piece off-season at Walmart!!!) won't be sitting all katty-wampus! But I was trying out the best ways to rearrange the furniture so #1-it would all fit, #2-we could still get around it, and #3-it made sense conversationally (is that even a word?) for guests. I still have to move the dining table outside after re-doing it, too. It is an old steel formica topped shop table that I want to redo in, of course, white. Again, gotta love Krylon!

There is also a planter I am painting that holds a large boston fern for that plant stand between the wicker chairs. That "plant stand" is also a freebie that is actually a table pedestal. Redone, in white, of course...

I also found some wicker hanging lamps at Goodwill last year that I also want to hang. A few things left to put on the wall, and I am done! Maybe instead of moving all the furniture off the patio to redo the sofa, I'll take the sofa and do it on the lawn.

I refuse to put down the outdoor carpets until my husband installs the doors so I don't have to vacuum 24/7 because of the dogs.

Today, my men went to Grandma's and I got some alone time. What do I do with it? Go clean up the backyard....

But then I also got to sit and watch the new fishies get acclimated. For a long time. A LONG time. Then I came in and got a shower and played on Big Fish Games.

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